Hitting The Road

After my final two weeks of work were completed, I still had to clean and pack the house I had been renting for the past five years. I began the process by making four piles, donate, sell, trash, and storage unit. I had about one week to complete the move out process before I wanted to be at my first stop. I was rushing around cleaning and packing but before I knew it, the house was empty, the carpets were cleaned, and the house keys were in the lock box.

My first stop was Indianapolis, the town I grew up in. Not only was this the first stop of the trip but also the first time the van had crossed into a different state. During my drive I became less and less impressed with the new shocks that I had installed on the van. I remembered that the shocks came with a warranty so I contacted the auto parts store I had bought them from. I explained to them the issues I was having with the shocks and they agreed to refund my money If I would purchase a different brand. The shocks I ordered were a few weeks out so I will have to install them on my return trip in a few weeks.

After arriving in Indianapolis and visiting with family, I head to the BMV to transfer my license and registration. It took three trips, two different BMV’s, and 8 hours but I completed the license and registration swap. Next on my list was to exchange a few items at REI and make a stop at Rusted Moon Outfitters (local outdoor gear shop). The final task which had been hanging over my head for quite some time was to wash and clay bar the van. I never thought I would be doing either to a cargo van. The clay bar is used to remove tiny metal slivers that were embedded in the paint from the rust repair. If the metal slivers aren’t removed, they will begin to rust. While I was in Indianapolis the package with my new traction pads from Rough Country arrived. The traction pads will be a nice addition to the tow strap and shovel that I already had in my recovery kit.

With the task list completed and new items loaded, it was time to head east to New England. I'll be in the New England area for a few weeks hiking and visiting with family.

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