Day 1 of the van build

Out with the carpet!

Cleaning up the floor then sanding and painting rust spots.

I cut 1/2" thick insulation foam board into strips to fit into the grooves of the floor. I suggest using a jigsaw with Bosch soft materials blade. Then glue the strips into place with 3M spray glue.

1/2" foam board glued on top of the strips with 3M spray glue.

Home Depot was nice enough to cut two sheets of 15/32 plywood into 6" strips

Resulted in twelve 6" strips of 15/32" plywood.

Fitting the plywood into the van.

I used a cardboard template then transferred that design to the plywood and cut it out with a jigsaw.

1st coat

Two coats of weathered gray stain plus poly then glued into place with Loctite PL 300.

Cleaning up the front flooring for carpet

Boat carpet works perfect! Its budget friendly and durable.